Hourly Comic Day 2014

This is my Hourly Comic Day set for this year. This is actually the first time I have done this, completely unintentionally too as I only found out about it by 8PM later on. Last year was spectacular, with Goofy Movie type disasters, but I was so busy with uni work I just left it off too long and then forgot about it. I think this year I was particularly driven to draw my day as Alan was carsick and actually threw up on the street getting out the car, which was the first! So please enjoy my day as I have enjoyed reading many of yours too! 

Our pet Fester the Squirrel 

I have talked about this in the past and its still ongoing, every day Fester comes to our balcony in search of his only life source, these peanuts (mostly jacked from GBK). He’s a good laugh in the morning, although recently another squirrel has entered the balcony, who we have dubbed Fancy Squirrel, as s/he has a beautiful long fluffy tail. This however is definitely Fester, for he has a stubby bitten tail and is desperate like a squirrel hobo for nuts. 

The Best Carrot Cake in the World

I made this cake back again in November from a mixture of recipes mashed together on the internet and somehow brought life to this delicious miracle - the best carrot cake EVER.

Seriously I have had my share of carrot cake in the past and this one…took the cake? Its not glamorous looking, hell if I wanted to waste my time decorating it instead of eating - har har. It was moist yet not oily, packed with carrots with just enough sweetness. The only hint I can give to how it was made is that the icing is made from Philadelphia, but with so much icing sugar with it heaven has blessed it. This might just have to be my wedding cake in the future, if its a DIY job. 

Jamie’s Diner at Piccadilly 

In November, my cousin from Australia moved over to London for work. Its funny because when I was a child, we hung out a lot together in those summer days, as did most of my family on my mums side. But then people grow up and move their separate ways, in a way its like we have had to relearn about each other every few years because of this distance. So this was our get together after the absence, we went to try Jamie Olivers pop-up restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, Jamie’s Diner, which was Dinosaur themed (no pictures ok??). The food was pretty up to Jamie’s usual standard, but it was pricey as hell! Unlike his wonderful Italian branch which could serve up something even better! None the less we had a good time out together, I was with Alan too and the three of us talked about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones while we chowed on our non-traditional Sunday lunch. 

High Tea at RAC Woodcote Park

My beloved Aunty and Uncle have their birthdays just a week short of one another in November and so we always celebrate it at the same time together. This is our Birthday feast we had together at the RAC Woodcote Park, my family have always had ties with this place, it really is wonderfully extravagant when we have this much food all around us!

November Meals

Oh my gosh this is so confusing. This is it, I have 30 posts to upload from today on auto posting and I am going to catch up so i’m back on course! These are some of the meals I made in November, mostly from Jamie’s books but sometimes from my own recipes too. 

We have tacos from Jamie’s 15 Min Meals, but I made my own tacos from baking hung tortillas in the oven, I really think that taco’s are too hard and artificial otherwise. Then I have chicken rice I made at mums, some kind of chicken and sweet potato stew, maybe something from the America book? Fried chicken with corn from the cob and more sweet potato. Chilli Con Jamie from the America book - a goodem’. Homemade burgers using our newly discovered cheese melting technique and homemade high tea with my own made scones!

Sweden 2013 - The return to London

On our last day we packed our bags, moved back the furniture and said our goodbyes to the family. We had so many good memories from such a short trip, in photos, instax shots, collected rocks (rook), our dried mushrooms and lots more goodies for the family.

Hesitant of the train service on our way to the airport, we ordered a cab to drive us and our luggage to the station instead of walking, which was a good idea because we made it with plenty of time to sort out tickets. The train came and we left to the airport, however on our arrival could not get out of the train because of the new passengers boarding and had to get off at the next stop and go back because of it - I was at my whits end at this point. We checked in on time and made our way back to London, where the transport system greeted us like a mother would her child. 

The journey was long on the train but we made it back to our home and laid out all our goodies. The house was spotless, as it is often when Alan and I leave the country with Dan alone and we settled back in soundly. We loved our first autumn together in Sweden, I was so happy to finally get to know my family properly and the time I lived there was so nice, where I would not be viewed as a tourist but a (tempoary) resident.

I want to say, Thank you to my relatives Bettan & Boel for being so loving to me and accepting of Alan when he came afterwards. And to Kristina for taking such good care of us when we came over to stay with you, it was a really wonderful experience and I am so grateful you were with us to guide us around the city! Granpa, Dad, Alan and I will be back in Båstad this coming June so lets have some more adventures together! Love Victoria x

Sweden 2013 - The last day in Kungsbacka

Boel took us to another beautiful location by the sea. We walked together in this open field where cows also strolled the area. At one point during the path, Alan and I stopped in our place, cautious of what appeared to be a bull in front of us, but Boel got in there brave as ever and shooed them off. A bay had appeared just up ahead, where boats were placed by the harbour, so we went ahead to see what we could find there.

Sweden 2013 - The last day in Kungsbacka (prt2)

As we walked up towards the pier, we spotted lots of “fried egg” jellyfish by the edge of the water. Stinging jellyfish which bopped on the surfaces of the water, displaying their curious, bright ‘x’ marks on the top of their head. We kept our distance from them, though it was mesmerising to watch. 

Sweden 2013 - The last day in Kungsbacka (prt3)

As Alan and I enjoyed watching the jellyfish and took some photos, a group of fisherman stepped onto the docks in front of us, geared up ready for a fishing trip. I had never been on a something like that, at least not in my memory, it must be a bit frightening, sharing an ocean with these little stingers. 

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