Sakura & Macha Snacks from Mika

I recently had a trade with my childhood friend in Japan. I made a package full of the best english biscuits and tea for sakura and macha flavoured snacks, since the boom in spring. I was super delighted to receive a huge variation of treats, and on the side including the coolest socks I will ever own and a scarf from her recent trip to india. 

My favourite from the sakura mix was the rice crispy type treats, they were the tastiest and most flavoursome, though the cakes were good too alongside tea. My favourite from the macha would have to be the kitkats and meiji biscuits, which are also really good alongside tea.

We all really enjoyed them so, thanks so much for sending them over <3 

Pokemon Team Vera

Alan and I have been working solid on the graphic novel project since the beginning of January where we moved from studio. Unfortunately however we cannot release any of our progress to the public, not even on the studio blog and so we wanted to try an exercise.

The task was to draw each of our teams from all the games we have played within the last few years, so all but the original gen I and gen IV as its been too long and we drew them before in the past. It was a task to see how quickly we could do it, how much we could develop within a short time to compose the image and convay personality and style individually. These all are my separate teams from the pokemon games, ordered by generation, although I didn’t draw them in this order. Can you tell that I drew the blue tones first and the yellow tones last? 

Overall this has all been a bit of fun, to remind myself I can draw if I put my mind to it too, I have been rusty nowadays and need to practice daily to keep it up! You can see Alan’s opposing teams he drew here, he’s always been a strong and sneaky type of trainer - check it out!


Pokemon Team Alo

Drawing my Pokemon teams as an exercise whilst working on the secret graphic novel project recently. In order are my teams from Soul Silver, Black & White 2 with with my genuine shiny Lopunny, Black & White and lastly my X&Y team. My Miltank, my pride & joy, was used to battle at last comic con when I played as gym leader. You can also see Vic’s opposing teams she drew here, she helped me greatly with direction and colour.

Mother’s Day at Benihana Piccadilly 

Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday (aww) and so I took my mum as she requested to eat teppanyaki at Benihana out in London, together with my brother for Mother’s Day. It was good, straight forward, we ordered our meal and the happy go lucky chef did tricks for us, the mother from the family in front of us did not seem amused however, though I managed to keep to photos where she’s not so miserable all the time. Here we have our guy doing the fire trick, we all like a bit of cooking magic. 

Mother’s Day at Benihana Piccadilly (prt2)

Family photo with the chef at Benihana. I’m always hesitant to hand over my SLR to anyone for photos, my camera just can’t autofocus and so I always focus manually, but I guess the manager didn’t quite catch that.

Mother’s Day at Benihana Piccadilly (prt3)

Chef playing with the food on the table, he did it for the shots. I don’t exactly see how fried rice and meat are Japanese when I think about it, but it was nice none the less. Dan and I treated mum to the meal and we also ordered Asahi beers, california rolls and tempura to share. We gave mum her mother’s day cards with presents and flowers, then after we went to the Japan Centre by Ripley’s to take home some snacks.

Grilled Chicken on Chickpeas via Jamie’s America

Souvlaki Kebabs via Jamie does…(Greece)

These were so awesome, probably my most favourite meal of the month! Alan recently bought me a griddle pan, for it had been absent for far too long in my kitchen, and so this was a must make recipe! We didn’t have skewers and so we used wooden chopsticks instead, they had been soaked in water before hand so it worked perfectly well! They came out so great we were super pleased, the meat was so delicious and perfect accompanied with some pita bread, home made tzatziki and grilled peppers - This is a must have!

Grilled Sardines with parma ham, beetroot and homemade hummus on bruschetta via Jamie Magazine

I am not sure which issue this is from, but all I know is that making home made hummus is a little more effort than its worth, especially if you want it tasting like the real deal!

Sizzling Chicken Fajitas via Jamie’s 15 Min Meals

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