Sweden 2014 - Midsummer Sun

That first evening when we had arrived, after settling in a bit, we went to get burgers in the town square. We ate them in a field where wild rabbits were hopping about around us and we felt amazed how bright it was for past 10pm?? I had never been in Sweden before Midsummer and to be honest, it was as much a ghost town as in September, I guess Båstad is a truly unique place to be. 

Finishing up we walked down to the sea to see the most beautifully still sunset. The contrast between the rocks and the setting sun were striking, and the sea was so quiet, then in the distance you could hear the church bells toll for 11pm and it was still light. 

Sweden 2014 - Our Summer Home

Hi all, its finally time to update on my last trip away from home. In early June I went with Alan and my family back to Sweden together. The family were staying in the usual Hotel Skansen where Alan and I were then asked to find our own digs. 

I had done a lot of asking around and finally my relative Bettan, who I lived with briefly during September, offered me her cousin’s summer house for reduced rent. So we jumped on that and this was our home for the next 2 weeks. The home was quite big, at least for 2 people who live in flats and it even had a spooky basement that had an extra room -yikes. 

So just like before, Alan and I would wake up every morning and make our favourite Swedish style breakfast, with hams, cheeses and egg on sweet breads. We would then leave to do our daily doings, driving around to do this and that and then in the evening we would return home and get back to work as we did in London.

Makeshift Spanish Tapas and Sweet Lamb Stew with Navajo Flatbreads (via Jamies America)

Tapas with albóndigas, patatas bravas, queso con miel, anchoas con pan, aceitunas y (the best ever) croquetas de Jamón. Insane!

Southbank BFI & The Southwark Walk

A little while ago, Studio Ghibli films were being shown again at the British Film Institute in South Bank. It was such an awesome oppurtunity because Spirited Away is one of my most favourite movies of all time and when it actually was released back in 2001, I was way too young to care and so never saw it. This was one of my greatest regrets because it is a film that deserves to be seen on the big screen and now was the chance I had been waiting for again! So Alan and I booked the tickets online and went to the BFI to see it and it was just as great I hoped! I was surprised to find during the movie, that the subs for the film were actually a little different to the ones on the released DVD (hush now, yes I have memorised this movie to a T).

We left feeling happy and decided to walk down the Queens Walk, all the way to London Bridge from Waterloo. It was such a nice evening for a walk, just before the start of our infamous “British Summer”, the weather was just about right. Saw this huge sand illustration of Homer Simpson on the way, heads up to Martin Artman(?) who loves drawing the Simpsons. 

Return of The Best Damn Sweet Potato Pie Ever!

With Clementine Whipped Cream via Jamie’s America. You’ve seen it and you love it tumblr, as do I.

Makiyaki Sushi Epsom : A Gem Amongst Gems!

Every time I go to visit my mum back in my home town, we always order a feast of sushi and maki rolls at this restaurant called Makiyaki. I hate to say it, i really do, but its the best in the whole of the UK. Hands down. 

I think what I really love about it is that the ingredients are so fresh and the maki’s are madly experimental, in the best possible way. It is fusion food in a way not often experienced, they can be baked with cheese, deep fried in tempura batter (yes the whole thing), mixed with cream cheese and bacon, the whole thing is beautiful. I have tried a range of their work and my current favourite is called “The Titanic”, this is shrimp tempura with cucumber, topped with tuna or salmon alternating, fresh creamy crab stick, spring onion and tobiko - totally amazing!

A Rapture Sunset 

A very unusual, foreboding sunset over Canary Wharf one evening. 

V&Tree mobile appearance on the tumblr app. Design from the tumblr staff’s post on the matter, see many other lovely blog appearances displayed on fancy iphone 5 screens here. 

V&Tree mobile appearance on the tumblr app. Design from the tumblr staff’s post on the matter, see many other lovely blog appearances displayed on fancy iphone 5 screens here

Our Favourite - Tuna Melt for Food Revolution Day 2014!

This has become a staple to my monthly meals nowadays. Its from the Jamie Oliver’s book, Save with Jamie. This delicious morsel is created with home made bread which is cooked on the pan, then with the irresistible tuna filling mixed with sweet apple and tangy red onion, Philadelphia and cheddar cheese for a great melt <3 

Close up shots of our balcony squirrel ‘Fester’ looking adorable as she munches on sunflower seeds. I actually had to delay posting these because all of the carnivorous food posts I had recently submitted, didn’t want to cross messages, if you get what I mean…!

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