Alan’s 24th at Barbecoa 

Did you know that Jamie Oliver has his own steak house restaurant in St.Pauls? Well I sure didn’t when I was invited to Alan’s Birthday dinner with his family, the place is so city stylish, its like being overseas!

So straight out from university I went to see Alan at his home, we soon left together with his Mother and Sister to get to St.Pauls via the underground. The restaurant is right infront of St.Pauls Cathedral, as you will soon find out from my many photos of it during the day, and our table was in the upmost corner by the windows, displaying a perfect view of it through the evening. 

Barbecoa specialises in fire-based cooking or BBQ style meats, which is pretty much a dream for both Alan and I as carnivores. We all ordered our own favourites off the menu, with a bottle of red wine to share together, for starters Alan ordered Chicken Wings, which his Mum & Sister very quickly helped themselves to too and I ordered Roast Duck Salad, which was tossed in sweet pomegranate seeds.

With starters quickly gobbled down, I passed Alan his gift from me, this was the 3rd of 4 gifts (the first being a Chupa-Chups shirt from UNIQLO, the second being the Print Club London workshop and forth soon to happen), he opened his card and then alongside it his gift of Lucy Knisley’s new book Relish and a Mr.Bumble from Lush!

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