Chinese New Year 2013

Last Sunday was Chinese New Year and so Mum came up from Surrey to celebrate with us and have ‘Steamboat’ as a family. Incase you don’t know already, ‘Steamboat’ is like Chinese Shabu-Shabu, pre-cut ingredients to dip as you like into hot broth and enjoy around a table. 

On this day, we all wore something red (for luck) and Mum gave out ang pows for us ^_^ (which meant I could finally get some new clothes). Alan and I had gotten all the ingredients before hand from China Town (which was mad busy!) this was the shopping list: Chinese Spinach, Pak Choi, Ginger, Sauces, Fishball, Tofu, Noodles, Sweets, Oranges, & 2 Pomelos for Mum. We prepared all the meat and veg on the day, Mum bought the meat and hotpot, then we all tucked in and had plenty of leftovers to spare again.

750 megas