Sweden 2014 - Leaving for Midsummer

We had stayed the night at Boels, just as we had in Autumn in her outdoor hut. There was mosquito nets on the windows as we slept with them open during the night. We had to insist on having the chunkier winter blankets, just because we are used to it and like it, but its always a mistake as it gets so hot halfway through sleeping.

We had a good night none the less and had to wake up early that morning to leave to Gothenburg for Sweden’s Midsummer Festival. We had breakfast before leaving, Boel’s usual delicious muesli, breads, cheeses and tea which we enjoyed thoroughly. Boel and I went into the garden where she cut wild flowers for me to give to Lisa, our next hostess and Alan took pictures after. As we were leaving, I got the address and placed it into my satnav, bracing myself for another 2 hour journey up North. Anders’ passed Alan a beer called “Hell” to enjoy during the festivities which he did later that day. It was an early start but we were excited to experience our first Midsummer as we had never done so before, so onwards we went. 

Sweden 2014 - Homemade Quesadillas 

Back home for dinner, Boel made homemade tortillas from scratch using mesa harina from Mexico. She had her own iron cast tortilla press too, which made the job a little easier. Dan assisted as she put them together, they were extra delicious with a bit more spice at the end too! 

Afterwards Alan and Anders sat down in the other room to watch the World Cup, having a good laugh together complaining about the poor performance of the overpaid players. Then Boel and I joined them afterwards to add insults to the humour. Us being together as a group was so nice that night, something about being in unison that made the day really great. 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch & Beers with Boel 

It was the day before midsummer and Boel had invited us to see her in her Kungsbacka home. I drove from Båstad almost 2 hours away to get there, where as before I had taken the train. My little car kept being pushed around by the weather on the motorway, but otherwise it was a pretty normal journey with Alan helping me by my side. 

Thanks to my satnav, we made it to her home on time for lunch, where she made us creamy baked fish with mushrooms, fresh boiled potato with tomato and feta salad, so good <3 I think the Swedish diet is no good for me in the long run, the potatoes are so yummy and everything is so creamy, I have had to change my diet since. 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch & Beers with Boel (prt2)

In the afternoon, Boel’s friend called Anders joined us for the day, so they decided to take a trip out together near the shore where we could get some drinks. Where they parked had a harbour near by, so we went to check out the boats. I really liked the mustard yellow one, which Boel said was an improper colour for a sailing boat, but if I owned one it would definitely look like this silly banana! Yes yes!

Sweden 2014 - Lunch & Beers with Boel (prt3)

This is the pub they took us to called Hamnkrogen, Anders is a member of the European Beer Committee and so recommended a good selection of local brewed beers. Look at these bottles, aren’t they beautiful! Look at the rope wrapped around their necks, its so cool! 

We all sat outside on a slightly chilly day, drinking a tall pint of beer each, aside Dan who prefers Pear Cider. There were kids sailing out at sea in the distance, because of a sailing school near by, its so alien to us who belong in the city, like everyone knows how to sail or tend to a boat. Its quite wonderful really. 

Sweden 2014 - Dinner at Lillimore’s

In the evening, after the ‘swim’ in the sea, we went together with Dad and Granpa, to a good friend of the family’s home for dinner. As I have mentioned before, i’m sure, she lives on the top of the hill in Båstad, once overlooking the ocean, until newer modern homes invaded the landscape. I had gone with my parents to her home since I was a child, lying on the hammock in the garden, playing by the stream and often getting stung by stinging nettles. 

She made a delicious meal for us upon our arrival, we sat outside in the garden enjoying her salmon and meatball hors d’oeuvres, sipping rose wine or homemade redcurrent juice. We then moved the party indoors where she served up baked chicken (with a sort of oriental style glaze), creamy baked potatoes served with mixed salad and english peas (for Granpa) on the side. The meal was absolutely delicious! 

Sweden 2014 - Dinner at Lillimore’s (prt2)

After dinner, everyone went to relax and catch up with one another. Dad, Granpa and Lillimore were indoors, as I sat outdoors with Alan and Dan, letting out our current frustrations as the sun set on the horizon. 

Sweden 2014 - Summertime Minigolf

We took Alan to play minigolf by the public pool in Båstad. Dan and I had played together last time and it was fun to have another go together as a three. It was one of the hotter days of the week to chose to go, so the whole way through Dan and I would dart back to the shade while we waited for each others turns. I think how the scoring went, Dan won after walking through all 18 holes.

Afterwards before we were to leave for dinner with the family, we went by the beach, where it was very low tide. I walked from the pier quite far out to sea, for at least 100 metres from the shore! I kept on going as far as I could, raising my dress so that it wouldn’t get wet on the way, where eventually I turned back when the water was just about deep enough to brush the top of my thighs.

Sweden 2014 - Wild Red Currants

From our kitchen window you could see wild rabbits chilling in our garden every morning. They seemed completely unfazed by any sound until you actually try to approach them, in which case they retreated back under the red current bush. These pretty little orbs looked so fantastic in the sunlight. 

Sweden 2014 - Dinner in Torekov

On a separate day, after spending the daytime swimming, we went for dinner with the family at one of the hotels in Torekov. The food was minimal but very delicious, the first is tuna and anchovy and the second is cured salmon on fried bread with sauce. 

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