Sweden 2014 - Dinner in Torekov

On a separate day, after spending the daytime swimming, we went for dinner with the family at one of the hotels in Torekov. The food was minimal but very delicious, the first is tuna and anchovy and the second is cured salmon on fried bread with sauce. 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch in Torekov

We went together to Torekov in the new week, so that we could show Alan the boats and around the town. After parking up the car we made our way towards the ship where we saw the GB Clown with his misses - what a laugh! 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch in Torekov (prt2)

Where we all went down to the seas edge on this very bright day. 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch in Torekov (prt3)

Found a place to eat that was quite nice for the price. I had been trying a good selection of Swedish beers this holiday with Alan, of which we were trying to find one to beat our favourite one ‘Mariestads’. We ate classic Swedish meatballs with mash and lingonberry. 

Sweden 2014 - Lunch in Torekov (prt4)

General sights of Torekov and me with my Yaris. 

Sweden 2014 - Sea Food & Mini Loafs 

Went to eat out one night with the family to have some sea food from the harbour. These were Alan and my meals, one is white fish and lobster and the other is flat fish with white asparagus. In this restaurant they also served bread as mini loafs, which was adorable. 

Sweden 2014 - Waffle House in the Brightest Sun

Alan and I one day went to visit the waffle house together. We had actually gone earlier in the week, but the place was closed on weekdays until Midsummer, so we had to wait until the end of the week to return. We searched for the best seat outside, somewhere quiet, away from the other tables so we could have some time to sketch after. 

This is what we ordered, 2 portions of waffles, one with raspberry and another with cloudberry, both accompanied with tea. It was really difficult to take pictures on this day because the sun was shining so brightly, we could hardly see what we were capturing on camera. 

Sweden 2014 - Waffle House in the Brightest Sun (prt2)

Sometimes Alan just loves to take pictures of me. I am camera shy at times, mostly because of my semi-low self esteem, but I am glad he does, otherwise looking back it doesn’t even feel like i’m on my own holidays.

Sweden 2014 - Waffle House in the Brightest Sun (prt3)

Then I did some sketching, backgrounds will always to me be the hardest part of our work, so I needed to create a comfortable way of doing so. 

Sweden 2014 - Summer Bathing

Alan and I had a walk after breakfast one morning, where we walked down a pier from the beach and saw a lot of people having their morning bathe in the sea. This is a Swedish tradition that some people even do all year round, even in the winter when the sea can be frozen over! We didn’t swim this time but it was nice to witness the young and old alike do so around us.

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