Summer BBQ: Smoked Sausage, Black Bean Burgers & Korean Pancakes!

During the peak of summer, Alan and I went to see our friends Yena and Kaz, who just moved home together for a good foodie get together. We had it all and despite a classic shift from sunny to rainy, thank you England, the day was wonderful and we even got to have icecream after! Genuine thanks to our friends, it was a really great day!

My Home Made Sweet Potato Quesadillas 

Over when I was in Sweden, my relative Boel had taught us how to make home made tortillas from scratch. The flour is unusual and a little tricky to find, but theres quite a good variation of latin shops in South London that sell the right corn flour for the job! 

The corn flour dough is made and put aside to set, then a chunk is cut off, rolled lightly, then toughly in between plastic wrap and cut out into a circle ready for frying. I used my leftover sweet potato shepherds pie in half of the quesadillas and made the others spicy. Really awesome home made food, I couldn’t recommend it any more, its worth it! 

Roast Chicken Mashup, Kebabs, Mexican Salad & My own Sweet potato Shepherds Pie! via Jamie Magazine & much more!

Handmade Chicken Tortellini & Steak, Veg with Mushroom Dip via Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals/ Jamie Magazine 

Super Fish with the Family

After coming back from Sweden, we went to eat the BEST fish and chips I know in Surrey with my Aunty & Uncle. It comes in Medium, Large and “Moby Dick” size cods, served with classic thick cut chips, tartar sauce, onion and pickle, delish! 

Grilled Cheesy Mushroom Subs with Caramelised Pears & My favourite Ghanian Jollof Rice via Jamies 15 Min Meals/ Jamie Magazine

Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips, Pea, Leek & Potato Pie & My own Empanadas via Save with Jamie

Sweden 2014 - The Last Meal

The day before we left, we had to use all of the food we had bought on the holiday. So we had a little feast, loads of meatballs, potatoes, watermelon (wayyy too much watermelon) and snacks we had bought on the way. The next day we were all packed and ready to leave, we passed the keys back to the landlord, who had been really nice and met up again with the family before heading off to the airport. 

This holiday in sweden would probably be my last family one, well at least one where I had to rely on them. It had become a bitter sweet experience, where I really wished for independence. I was happy to have driven again and experienced so many new things again with my family and loved ones, but I think this is a changing point, where I must be better for the next. Hopefully then my next trip on V&Tree will have even more beautiful sights than before!

Sweden 2014 - The Drive Back Home

These were the photos from my drive back to our swedish home. It was crazy stormy on the road home, my little Toyota Yaris was being pushed around, all slippy and slidey on the road. Luckily with Alan as my guide, and photographer on this journey, it was not as bad as it could have been, and moreover, the roads were empty!

On the way we were so excited to see the weird 80’s Mario statue on the motorway. Dan and I had been telling Alan about it all holiday and it started to feel like a myth, but there it was in the flesh! Weird huh? And FYI, Dan and I have actually been to the warehouse that that statue landmarks. its pretty empty but has some cool stuff on showcase. 

Sweden 2014 - The Gothenburg Paddan Tour

Lisa took us into central Gothenburg to take a look around. It was the day after Midsummer so, rather like a bank holiday, almost everything was closed and noone was around. None the less, she had a plan in mind and took us to ride the Paddan Tour Boat (paddan means lillypad!). We stopped off for some restroom breaks then lined up for the next ride.

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